Friday, December 11, 2009

God gave up looking for a parking space

What a bizarre article in this morning's copycat Herald Dominion Post about an atheist advertising campaign about "no-god" billboards on the side of buses.

So what?  But, aside from that, what I find most bizarre about this is that there have apparently been multitudes of complaints to advertising standards boards by, obviously, those who have religious sensitivities and are unable to turn away when they see advertising on the side of a bus.  I am astounded that there are people out there who pay attention to advertising on the side of buses, but, instead of complaining (and thereby draw more publicity to that which they find so offensive), I generously offer these sensitive religious groups some advertising campaigns they can use for free.  That must lead to good karma, surely?

Bus will come.

I don't know if bus will come.

Bus won't come because you don't work hard enough.

If the bus comes, it really isn't a bus.

7th Day Adventist
No buses on Saturdays.

What is the sound of of a bus coming?

There is nothing like a good bus coming.

This bus has been here before.

The bus will come, Inshallah.

Let the bus take me rather than someone else.

The bus will come because you deserve it.

Hare Krishna
The bus will come, rama rama.

Why does the bus not coming always happen to us?

Let's smoke on this bus.

Jehovah's witness
Knock knock, bus driver, open the door.

TV Evangelism
Send more buses to God's own bus terminal at 90-1234-005679-123, and smile, smile, smile with buses in your heart (credit card payments can be made through PayPal).

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