Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Spam me kangaroo down, sport

Nearly six months ago, I entered a brave new blogging world, through something called "the Internet", that was apparently invented by Al Gore.

I was a bit apprehensive at first.  I knew my otherwise intelligent mind  wasnt being fully utilised as a stay at home mum, and there were so many things I needed to rant about to take my mind off a difficult personal life.

But then I realised that blogs can also be used as a force for good.  One particular blog commenter stands out.  Unfortunately his voice has been somewhat stifled from appearing in my blogs by my obsessiveness with keeping out spammers, but here is a selfless person who deserves some recognition.

Enter Gary Green, a councillor from Rockdale, NSW.  I could tell you more about him, but I think it's better if he tells you himself.
Councillor Gary Green has lived in the City of Rockdale for the past 15 years and is a successful businessman in the field of Self Development.
Councillor Green is a Peak Performance Coach and 5th Dan Taekwondo Master (MAIA) with formal qualifications in Performance Psychology (ACAP), Technical Analysis (ATAA), Clinical Hypnotherapy (NSWSHS), Coaching (ASC), Workplace Training/Assessment (ISA), Retail Management (ISA), Ego State Therapy (Mac.), and a University Masters Degree in Counselling (Psych. UWS). 
He teaches Taekwondo classes at Narwee and was selected to represent Australia in the sport.  Councillor Green is also a Clinical Member/Supervisor with the Australian Counselling Association, Clinical Member of the Counsellors and Psychotherapist Association, Full Member of the NSW Counselling Association, and long term member of the New South Wales Justices' Association.  Councillor Green's hobbies include hang-gliding, playing piano/keyboard, anaerobic/aerobic training and ongoing study.
I'm not going to say anything critical about this because Gary knows taekwondo.

But I will say this: it is clear that, when he's not hang-gliding or playing the keyboards or anaerobic/aerobic training, Gary spends all his time helping others.  Who is there to help Gary?

I am.

I am touched that I can help Gary by letting him spam my blogs.  No need to thank me, Gary.  I care for your wellbeing and am so pleased to be able to help you.

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