Tuesday, November 3, 2009

When inanimate objects attack

Rage against inanimate objects is on the increase. Do not bother telling me to buy a Mac because I cannot afford it, but I do know that between my PC and me, one of us has to go. In short, my computer is suffering from a bipolar condition where it can be perfectly normal in the morning and completely “shutdown” in the afternoon. Sometimes.

I have tried to be compassionate but in a fit of angst (unfortunately for the computer, compounded by a marriage break up), I Googled "inanimate object rage" and discovered over 250,000 entries. I am not alone. Global bloggers unite in inanimate object fury.

"Inanimate Objects Hate Me!" shrieks wittandwisdom.com. "This past weekend, while attempting to mow the lawn, I had what I’ve patented as a Witteurysm, which is when one blows a part of his brain out of his earhole due to the actions of an inanimate object."

There was a story in the paper recently about a Japanese man who got so angry at the new apartment block next door overshadowing his house that he got a gun and shot the building 12 times. That will teach the building to block his sun.

In New York, it is common to see people attacking taxis with umbrellas and fists because the taxi did not stop. In Singapore, I witnessed elevator rage, with someone becoming so furious at the lift, which stopped at every floor, he began thumping the wall (obviously, as this was Singapore, he was arrested).

The loss of self-control is overwhelming as we scream at these uncaring objects that glare back with vacant expressions and no remorse for the pain they cause.


homepaddock said...

If it didn't still make me too cross for coherence I could tell you a story about a sewing machine which attacked me about 20 years ago.

Sus said...

Very sorry to hear about your personal troubles, OM. Hope things improve soon ...

Opinionated Mummy said...

Aww thanks Sus. That's so kind. I'm actually feeling very positive about life ahead. It honestly can only get better!!!

So weird how intelligent women can allow others to treat them so badly. No more.

Blogging was a lifeline. Perhaps this is why I am now suffering from bloggers block?

Sus said...


If 'blogger's block' occurs as a result of feeling better, and I'm still blogging - (well, contributing anyway) - then I'm not sure what that says about me ...

Oh dear. ;)

A line from one of my (musician) brother-in-law's songs is "stumbling blocks can be stepping stones". I always loved that.

Sounds like that might be applicable to you right now.