Sunday, September 20, 2009

A blog etiquette request that will lose me friends

Firstly, I am not really a people person.  I used to be, but no more.  This will become evident when you pay close attention to a request that I am making to those who know me.

Some of these acquaintances consider it appropriate behaviour to respond to my blogs by ringing me, or popping in to visit me, and then screaming at me.  If I wanted to get into a verbal debate with you, then I would pick up the phone, or come and visit you.  By writing a blog, I specifically do not wish to engage with you in conversation of the verbal kind.  Written debates are much more thoughtful and succinct.

Invariably, you lack the finesse required for me to listen to your point of view.  You scream, you start sentences off with, "people like you really piss me off," and naturally, I switch off and delete you from my list of people I would like to hang out with if I'm ever bored.  I particularly dislike the type of person who picks up the phone and screams and yells and refuses to agree to disagree.  This person elicits a passive violence from me that I am unable to act upon as I am in charge of three young children, and I hold this person completely responsible for destroying my day.  This is not a good position for this person to be in.  If they are perceptive, they might notice that I no longer call them with as much frequency as I once used to.

Therefore, if I still have your attention, here is some advice.  It is appropriate blog etiquette to respond to blogs by submitting a comment.  Nothing else will do.  In a show of magnanimity, I will allow you to post your comment anonymously, but be aware that if you do so, I may not take the time to respond to your comment with the diligence you believe it deserves.  If you still persist in trying to engage me in a verbal discussion about my blogs, I will tell you where to go.  If something I write annoys you, tough.  That's life.  Get used to it.  This is my blog, not yours.  If it bothers you so much, get your own blog.

If you are unable to follow this simple instruction, please step away from my blog.  Your uncouth screaming and yelling is unbecoming for people who apparently think they are educated and erudite.


PC said...

Excellent advice . . . that (I'll wager) not one person will take. ;^)

Opinionated Mummy said...

And I'm sure you are right, but I felt bloody good writing it!

Lindsay said...

Lose you friends? They ain't friends.

Oswald Bastable said...

Your bat, ball and back yard- you tell them!

Anonymous said...

The temporary solution to this problem is not to be friends with lefty scum who are after all bludging and feeding and housing their families with your and my tax dollars
They are literally ripping food out of our kids hands to feed their own.

The permanent solution: well I suggest a Glock 18

Oswald Bastable said...

The Glock 23- you need to penetrate the thicker hide.