Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wowser alert! Destroy all those cute photos of the kids!!!!

Because invariably (at least in my case) the cutest photos seem to involve the kids doing things in stages of undress.  Such as playing in a paddling pool, or playing with the garden hose, or playing on the beach, or - and I seem to have a lot of these because it's one of the few times the kids are clean and wholesome looking - playing in the bath.

Clearly, by having these photos of my 3 boys (aged 4, 3 and 1) playing in the bath, I am fulfilling a depraved need of mine to partake in pornographic exploits.  If you look really closely, genitalia is exposed.  At times, not only is there indecent exposure, but the boys are hugging each other.  They are touching and naked.

I'm considering destroying these photos because of this:  A couple in Phoenix, Arizona, had their 3 daughters, aged 5, 4 and 1, taken away from them for a month into child protection care after a Wal Mart employee dobbed them into authorities when he/she noticed these prints when developing the family's holiday photos.

To prove a point, all 3 girls were given medical examinations.  Funnily enough, the taking of photos of the children in the bath did not manifest itself in physical signs of sexual abuse.

The children were returned to their parents, but it took a court order for that to happen.  And the police, child protection agency, and Wal Mart are unrepentant for their actions.  Naturally, the parents are suing the police, the child protection agency and Walmart, and while I normally scoff at the ease with which people sue in the US, I hope they win, and win lots.  And the wowsers who put the family through this should be sacked, and forced to watch child pornography videos so that they LEARN THE BLOODY DIFFERENCE.

What the hell has happened to boring old common sense??? When did photos of happy, partly clad children become child pornography?  Do people not know the difference between taking innocent photos of partly clad children and taking photos of violated children?

The irony of this is the current Wal Mart television commercial shows a scene where a child is stepping out of the bath into the soft towel that her mother is holding up for her.  If you slow the commercial down, you can see a glimpse of the little girls breast.  I hope Wal Mart is going to hand itself over to the authorities immediately.

How long do you reckon before this lunacy hits NZ?


Mark.V. said...

It is scary the way children can be taken from their parents simply because some repressed bluenose considers the photos to be pornographic.

The solution is use a digital camera and print the photos straight from your computer. That way no one you don't want to see your photos gets to see them.

Opinionated Mummy said...

I did think of that. But then realised that even then you would need to delete everything before sending your computer off for repairs - or delete as soon as you've printed things off in case your computer does something unusual and dies without warning.

And then hide the prints.

It's utterly ridiculous!

I'm not educated in this at all, please note, but I would think is a very big difference between pictures of children in the bath and child pornography. Am I wrong in this assumption?

muz said...

I have to wonder at the extent of depravity in the sick mind of the walmart klingon. was this a small attempt at assuaging guilt or just an indication of the brainless response to the propaganda that equates with some dopy bugger's idea of politically correct response to what a normal well balanced sexually mature adult would see for what it was, an innocent photo of the children!!!

Oswald Bastable said...

And hide those Warehouse mailers!

Opinionated Mummy said...

OMG! Is there child pornography in the Warehouse mailers?!?!?!? **runs in panic to burn contents of wheelie bin**

brian_smaller said...

OM - I know of a guy in Lower Hutt who was changing his little boy's shitty nappy in the back of a car near the playground on the Petone Foreshore. Someone called the cops to say that a man was "interferring" with a child. He got arrested and his kid taken off him, his wife contacted and told her husband had been taken in and that their kid was in the care of CYPs. It got sorted but took several days but they had to live with the resulting emotional trauma and more than one person thinking "where there is smoke".

Oswald Bastable said...

Young girls in nightwear & underwear!

The Warehouse mailer is in the 'read & burn' catagory!

When I worked on the sex offenders wing at Pervert Central, there were a few that used to get *Quite Excited* when the kids programs came on tv- best ban that stuff too...

libertyscott said...

Burkhas for all children, keeps pervs from fantasising about them.