Sunday, August 28, 2011

Children: do not do as I do

I took some work home with me 2 Wednesdays ago.  All I had to do was draft up a quick paper.  I thought on  that Wednesday, "I'll just do this tonight when all is quiet, and get it out of the way."

Instead I did the following, sometimes more than once:

  • knitted scarf;
  • painted nails (necessary to test 4 different colours - this takes some time);
  • shopped;
  • did a Where's Wally 250-piece puzzle to determine which piece is missing;
  • found Wally;
  • engaged in Mighty Beanz warfare with children;
  • looked for Mighty Beanz;
  • spent the entire afternoon travelling up and down the same small section of track on the Silverstream Steam Railway;
  • made sushi in various permutations.
I realised with a sinking heart this evening that this paper is due to the Minister's office tomorrow, so I reluctantly sat down to do it.  10 days of took me 15 minutes.

I feel I should hang my head in shame.  

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