Monday, August 15, 2011

Election year yawn

Quite by accident, I watched an item on the news on the National Party conference in Wellington today.  I honestly didn't mean to, but I was half way through knitting and, when I am in the middle of knitting, I am unable to multitask (such as in putting down the knitting to turn off the tv).

So National this year has decided the country's biggest issue is youth and getting them working through long term, socially proven measures, like.... reducing the minimum wage.  Naturally, there was a dissenting view from an unemployed senior citizen (wearing a red top - should I read into this?).  "If you reduce youth wage rates, it will make it harder for us to find work," he bleated.

Good point.  The Government should also, therefore, look at cutting the minimum wage for senior citizens.  But then that may not be seen as fair on the middle aged population, who unfairly enjoy a higher minimum wage, whether we want it or not.  

Everyone knows there has long been a percentage of lazy citizens who were just waiting to get themselves fired so they could rake in $227 a week. Presumably, through proven National Party research, these lazy citizens were youth.  That’s why they staged the global financial crisis.

Since then these selfish schemers have dodged the queues of employers (notorious for trying to snap up eager youth workers) by "volunteering".  Fortunately the Government will shut down that little rort and youth will have to get a job.  Or work for the dole in a volunteer programme.

Another policy that's been well thought through.  Must be election year.

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Maungakiekie said...

I love the way you think - and the humorous way you express those thoughts!

I found your blog through Lindsay Mitchell's.